NFL is an American football league which is occurred in USA. Millions of people like to watch this biggest event NFL specially its Final i.e. Super Bowl. NFL is formed on 1922, when it is formed than other American Leagues was interested to compete the NFL. It became more popular in those days. In 1959 American Football League was formed i.e. AFL. NFL had a lot of competition with AFL. They both decided to set up a joint final where NFL winner team and AFL winner team will play final game.This Joint final game was named as Super Bowl which became more and more Popular. How to Watch Super Bowl 2020 Live

NFL Team Green Bay Packers defeats AFL Team Kansas City Chiefs in first Super Bowl Game.


Patriots vs. Rams | Super Bowl LIII Game Highlights

Kansas City Chiefs                             Green Bay Packers
      (11-2-1)                                                     (12-2)

          10                                                             35

Teams 1              2              3              4              Total

KC           0              10           0              0              10

GB          7              7              14           7              35

Date                      January 15, 1967

Stadium               LA Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, United States

MVP                      Bart Starr, Quarterback

Refree                  Norm Schachter

Network              CBS and NBC

History About Super Bowl


Than in 1970 NFL and AFL got merged means they became same league NFL and NFL was divided into two parts NFC National Football Conference and AFC American Football Conference. Super Bowl was played between these two teams NFC and AFC this super bowl is continuing till now.

Last year Super Bowl 2019 was played between Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots. New England Patriots wins Super Bowl 2019. This game was played on February 3, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. History About Super Bowl