It is always having been the tradition to watch puppy bowl. We know you all are excited to know about puppy bowl 2020. Here we are going to share information of puppy bowl 2020. Every year in cold throws of winter furry soldiers meet on an Astroturf battlefield to determine who is topped up. The world watches as distinguished a fleet’s rise above the shadow. It is a fun experience to watch the actions of cute little puppies that play the football. It is said that the 2020 Puppy Bowl is going to be bigger and better than ever, and while we have to wait to find out what that means, at least we get to see videos of puppy tackles, puppy kisses, and basically everything that makes puppies so great. We may have to wait for Super Bowl Sunday to enjoy the Puppy Bowl, but with the help of Animal Planet, it looks like we will have enough cuteness to tide us over. As an added bonus, it is also wonderful to know that they are continuing their mission of helping rescue pups find new homes as we countdown to the big game.


About Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl Started in 2005 as an alternative to the action –packed NFL Super Bowl Game. For high ratings Animal Planet Channel manages the puppy bowl. Today puppy bowl has become very famous in the families across the USA and the centerpiece for afternoon fun for kids all ages. For the purpose of safety during filming puppy bowl every after 30 minutes puppies give a break from the lights and the cameras to cover the game. With the Super Bowl in New York City where the Puppy Bowl is filmed, Animal Planet established a “Puppy Bowl Experience” at the Discovery Times Square exhibition space. The “experience” included a 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2) area where people could play with puppies, a recreation of the Puppy Bowl set, and advertising sponsor areas.

Puppy Bowl 2020 Live Streaming


Records of Last Puppy Bowls

No. Puppy Bowl Most Valuable Puppy Original Air Date
1 Puppy Bowl I Max, a Jack Russell Terrier February 6, 2005
2 Puppy Bowl II Monseigneur Jacques, a French Poodle February 5, 2006
3 Puppy Bowl III Bomber, a Samoyed February 4, 2007
4 Puppy Bowl IV Abigail, a Jack Russell Terrier February 3, 2008
5 Puppy Bowl V Matilda, a Beagle February 1, 2009
6 Puppy Bowl VI Jake, a Chihuahua/Pug Mix February 7, 2010
7 Puppy Bowl VII CB, a Shih Tzu/Terrier Mix February 6, 2011
8 Puppy Bowl VIII Fumble, a Terrier Mix February 5, 2012
9 Puppy Bowl IX Fitz, a Catahoula Mix February 3, 2013
10 Puppy Bowl X Loren, a Brittany February 2, 2014
11 Puppy Bowl XI Henry, a Lab Mix February 1, 2015
12 Puppy Bowl XII Star, a Chow Chow Mix February 7, 2016
13 Puppy Bowl XIII Rory, a Poodle Mix February 5, 2017
14 Puppy Bowl XIV Bear, a Pit Bull/Foxhound Mix February 4, 2018
15 Puppy Bowl XV Bumble, a Lab/Chow Chow Mix February 3, 2019
16 Puppy Bowl XVI N/A February 2, 2020

Aberdeen’s for touchdowns at Puppy Bowl II attained legendary status overnight but sometime later Henry and Falkor both had their eyes on that very record. This pair of butchers led their teams to victory with effective offences. What a touchdown and aggressive defenses. It was shame that only one could be the MVP touchdown both left it all on the dog time Aberdeen’s record and gave us a game we will never forget. Puppy Bowl 9 ruled by the rise of martyr and Fitz. Fitz set the tone early with his determination in a bullying tug of room. It was martyrs turn this strappy schnauzer mix showed everyone. It’s not your size that matters but your heart. Not only did the dynamic duo emerge victorious but Fitz to know took home the fan favorite award. While Marta celebrated with the cherished MVP It was late in the fourth quarter of puppy bowl 12. When star the 20week old hero from team ruff scored not one but two touchdown without ever stopping between touchdowns. It was revolutionary and captivated fans across the country. In a moment referred to as puppy poetry in motion this miraculous double touchdown not only sealed the victory for team rock but forever changed the basic perception of what the canine body was capable of.  In puppy Bowl 8 an energetic Australian Shepherd named Aberdeen was the most athletic pup ever to grace the gridiron. His lateral movement at the breakneck pace shredded. Instead of running out of gas Aberdeen put his paw to the pedal. Scoring a record for touchdown cemented his place in the hall of fame and won him viewer’s Choice MVP. Trilling 63 244 late in Puppy Bowl 12 team fluff had no choice but to bring in the big dog. Literally weighing in at a colossal 28 pounds was the intimidating sheepherder Griffon. Those towered over his fellow fidos the burden was simply too much for one pup to bear and in the end the bluffs lost to the ruffs 7244 out of griffin claimed his place among the largest luminaries ever to play the game. To go deeper inside the ball be sure to follow Animal Planet. The roughest and fluffiest canine contenders grace the gridiron the biggest game and adoption returns. Puppy Bowl 13 Sunday February 5th at 3:00 PM.

Where and when is the Puppy Bowl 2020?

You could follow the Puppy Bowl 2020 from your favorite screen. Animal Planet will host the particular series of Puppy Bowl 2020 on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. That happens hours before the actual Super Bowl arrives.

What channel is the puppy bowl on?

The official channel that broadcasts the upcoming Puppy Bowl 2020 is the Animal Planet. You can watch the live event stream from if you prefer to watch it on other devices.

United States

US viewers can’t go wrong to tune in Discovery Channel or Animal Planet channel. Both of them will broadcast the awesome event.


If you are in Canada, you will have the luck to tune in Animal Planet. But if you are experiencing blackout consider watching Puppy Bowl 2020 live stream through

United Kingdom

You can’t go wrong to tune in Animal Planet to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 live stream free.

What time is the puppy bowl 2020?

  • Date: Sunday, 2 Feb.
  • Start Time: 3 p.m. ET
  • Event: The Puppy Bowl XVI
  • TV Channel: Animal Planet
  • Live Stream: Animal Planet GO

How to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 Live Online?

The great thing about Puppy Bowl 2020 is that it provides good access for the cord cutters or internet users too. To watch Puppy Bowl 2020 live stream free, you could enjoy it through Animal Planet GO. With the compatible devices and decent internet connection, you will be able to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 live stream free through Animal Planet Go.

Keep in mind that this method will work only if you have the TV credentials to use to log in. If you have ditched your cable or satellite subscriptions, your best option is to use the top media streaming services.

The Puppy Bowl is an international event. That means you can watch the game through different kind of media streaming services. As long as you pick the right provider, you shouldn’t have any problem to select the option to watch Puppy Bowl live stream through your favorite screen or devices.

The viewers can also get the privilege to enjoy the actions intimately by using the Discovery VR iOS and Android Apps. These apps allow you to enjoy the virtual reality videos inside the Puppy Bowl training camp, getting nearer looks at such cute puppies in action. All you need to do is to install the app and experience the Puppy Bowl from your favorite device.

The Animal Planet YouTube Channel also have the right to share the content in 360-view. You could also use this feature to get the perfect look on the event.

Puppy Bowl 2020 Live Stream via Official Channel

The official channel that provides the legal live streaming option is Animal Planet GO. As mentioned before, Animal Planet will help the broadcast right. So, it is sensible that the channel also provides the live streaming service for the cord cutters. So, don’t hesitate to use Animal Planet GO to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 live streaming  right from your favorite device.

2020 Puppy Bowl streaming Online without cable

There will be a big game before Super Bowl 2020 Live Streaming. And it is the cute one. You will not want to miss it, but sometimes you need to go somewhere else when the event happens. You don’t have to stick with your cable or satellite. Instead, you could use the media streaming services.

Animal Planet will broadcast the Puppy Bowl 2020. Tuning in the respective channel is the key to follow up the festivity. Keep in mind that besides the Puppy Bowl, you are also able to catch up with the Kitten Bowl 2020. There are many streaming services that you could choose, but we only want to focus on the best ones.

The cutest athletes from across the country will compete for the prestigious bowl in the animal world. It is a sporting event you don’t want to miss if you are a diehard fan of football.

The key to watch the Puppy Bowl 2020 online is to pick the media streaming service that adds the Animal Planet in their plan. We are going pretty straightforward about the media streaming services you could choose.

DirecTV Now is the old player in the football world. It has been providing such fantastic services for the diehard fans of the football. The media streaming service includes Animal Planet as well. Using “Live A Little” the most affordable package is a great idea to save some bucks to enjoy the Puppy Bowl 2020.

The other option is to watch Puppy Bowl Online through PlayStation VUE. PlayStation VUE is available for many devices. The Sony product has been helping millions of users around the world to enjoy their favorite show without having to pay expensive subscriptions of TV or satellite. Signing up the PlayStation VUE is very easy and straightforward. If you have your doubt, you could also choose its 5-day free trial to watch the Puppy Bowl for free. Without a single dime to spend, you can watch Puppy Bowl 2020 without any hassle.

Puppy Bowl 2020 Live Stream Free

The Team Fluff and Team Ruff will shake the world since the two sides will battle it out for an hour. The cute spectacles are available in different options we mentioned above. You could also watch it on Animal Planet’s website. You will need to use the TV credentials to enjoy the service. And it is free.

But for some folks, who don’t have the TV credentials, don’t worry. There is still a way. The media streaming services that we mentioned: PS VUE and DirecTV Now offer a free trial program in which you can use to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 without paying a single dime.

Puppy Bowl 2020 Live Stream Reddit

Reddit has been providing an excellent platform for the online community to share all the things with the fellow users. If you have been using Reddit, it can be the best option to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 online. The good thing about Reddit is that there are a lot of live streaming options that you can choose from the third parties. Most of them are free. However, you must be very cautious when clicking the third party links. Consider checking its rating first before proceeding. Not all free live streaming links out there are legit.

How to Watch 2020 Puppy Bowl Live from Anywhere?

If you ask a question if you can watch Puppy Bowl 16 live stream anywhere or not, then the answer is a big YES. No matter where you are, you will be able to watch the Puppy Bowl without any hassle. We understand that there’s a chance that you experience the blackout because of the geo-restriction policies. But you can bypass the restriction by using the tips below.

Use VPN to Stream Puppy Bowl XVI

As we know, Animal Planet will be broadcasting the Puppy Bowl 2020 in the US. Animal Planet is having the geo-restriction unless your local providers manage to work with the respective channels. But if you experience the blackout, the only way to unblock it is by using the VPN. VPN – Virtual Private Network allows you to connect to the US IP when you are outside the US. When you connect with the US IP, the media streaming services will recognize that you are in the location.

You need to pick the best VPN provider and install it in your device or PC. Then you will need to connect to the US server. Using the VPN might make your Internet speed slightly drop. That’s why it is essential to have a high-speed internet connection at home so that you won’t see any problem that deters you from watching Puppy Bowl 16 live stream. Besides masking your IP, VPN is also high in protecting your data from hackers. There are many VPN providers that you can find online. But not all of them can provide such great services. You will want to stick to the top rated and reputable VPN providers like Nordvpn, Express VPN, and so on.

Puppy Bowl 2020 Live On Social Media

Puppy Bowl is one of the hottest topics talked by football fans around the world. There have been large engagements between the officials and the audiences in the Facebook and Twitter. The chance is as good as the last year. Not surprisingly, you will see a lot of interactions between fans and official on the mentioned social media platforms. However, you need to stick with the official pages of the social media. Chances are you will happen to see the official live streaming of the Puppy Bowl 2020.