We are each going to predict our Super Bowl 2020 Predictions, Matchup and Super Bowl 2020 winner. Two teams I selected which had very polar opposite off seasons, one team extremely hyped almost all we talked about another team could say flying under the radar. So coming out of the NFC I am going to go with one of my former squads the Seattle Seahawks I am not saying they are going to win the division but I do know they are going to get into the playoffs may be a wild card and they are going to shock super bowl 2020 fans, now the other team I talked about that we hyped up all the offseason, but name on it out of the AFC go into the Super Bowl 2020 Cleveland Browns. Who would you select? Super Bowl 2020 Live Streaming Free


Super Bowl 2020 Predictions

Last year it was the year of NFL offense, it blew up everyone was amazing we saw all these points scored this year I think we are going to spend more offense. I think new rules even help all offense and I think two of the offensive coaches are going to square off in the super bowl 2020 In the NFC I have got the team that went there last year beat Saints in a very controversial NFC Championship game all offseason all we heard about was a penalty that was not called instead of saying wait a team actually won that game it was not that another team just lost that game I am going with the redemption. I think finally get over the hump finally get into the Super Bowl 2020.

Super Bowl 2020 Predictions


NFL Super Bowl 2020 Predictions | Super Bowl 54 or LIV Predictions

List of Announcers

Play by Play: Joe Buck

Color Commentator: Troy Aikman

Sideline Reporters:  Erin Andrews, Christina Pink and Chris Myers

Rules Expert : Mike Pereira

Defensive Player of the Year

Myles Garrett, Browns — Sarah Hardy

Joey Bosa, Chargers — Christian D’Andrea

Fletcher Cox, Eagles — Charles McDonald

Bradley Chubb, Broncos — James Brady

Chris Jones, Chiefs — Adam Stites

Coach of the Year

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers — Christian D’Andrea

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers — James Brady

Matt LaFleur, Packers — Charles McDonald

Adam Gase, Jets — Adam Stites

Bruce Arians, Buccaneers — Sarah Hardy

Super Bowl 54 prediction

The Eagles over the Chiefs — Christian D’Andrea

The Patriots over the Eagles — Charles McDonald

The Patriots over … The Chiefs over the Eagles — Sarah Hardy

The Saints over the Chiefs — James Brady

The Chiefs over the Seahawks — Adam Stites

The first starting quarterback to be benched

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins — Charles McDonald

Case Keenum, Washington — Christian D’Andrea

Case Keenum, Washington — James Brady

Case Keenum, Washington — Adam Stites

Team ends up with the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins — Sarah Hardy

Miami Dolphins — Christian D’Andrea

Miami Dolphins — James Brady

Miami Dolphins — Adam Stites

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