How are you guys if you were to tell us at the start of the 2018 season that the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots would meet in Super Bowl 53. We would flash you two thumbs up but my thought was may be the most painfully boring championship game in league history. I know it was very defense oriented and stuff but it was born maybe not. The most boring but it was high up there on the list here s hoping for a better contest in Super Bowl 54 Live Streaming which takes place in Miami. So which potential match up should we be dreaming about between now and January? We have narrowed the dream list down to 10. Today we present 10 Super Bowl 54 match ups. Super Bowl 54 Live Streaming


No. 10 San Francisco 49ers vs. Oakland Raiders

The battle of the bay area we saw the Oakland Athletics defeat the San Francisco Giants in the 1989 World Series. But we are still awaiting the very first Super Bowl matchup between the 49ers and the Raiders. It’s not just the whole Bay area storyline that makes this an intriguing Super Bowl Matchup both Raiders and 49ers have been among footballs worst teams over the past five years but the two clubs were very aggressive. This offseason both could either be very good or very bad. Again in 2019 the 49ers are led by Jimmy Garoppolo who’s 2018 season ended in week three after he suffered and ACL tear that didn’t stop tight end. Jorge Kittle from having the greatest regular season ever for a tight end the 49ers signed running back Tevin Coleman to boost the offense. They brought in the ford Quan Alexander and Nick Bosa to beef up their front seven. Now the 49ers need to start winning again, there’s too much talent to disappoint again as for the Raiders Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock focused mainly on rebuilding the offense around Derek Carr. They brought in all Pro receiver Antoinio Brown Alabama running back Josh Jacob giant offensive tackle. Trent Brown and Big pass catcher Tyrell Williams on Defense the Raiders crafted Cleveland Ferrell and Jonathan Abram and they signed veteran safety LaMarcus Joyner same deal with the Raiders as the 49ers. It’s time to show some improvements all those mega offseason moves. This is Oakland’s last chance to bring home a Super Bowl before the franchise relocates to Vegas. What storyline this would be if they somehow pulled it off by defeating their bay area neighbors or what at the 49ers spoiled Oakland’s final season by beating them in the Big Game.

super bowl 54 live streaming


No. 9 Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bearsa Super Bowl 41 rematch that’s down. Bears have travelled similar Pat’s heading into the 2019 season they each had their nice little runs. In the 2000’s they both in rebuilding and retooling since around 2015 to 2016 thanks to excellent front office’s and smart head coach hiring’s both the Bears Colts are built to win in 2019 and Beyond the Colts are led by Pro Bowl quarter back. Andrew Luck and I dynamic offense that also features T Y Hilton and Marlin Mack. They are anchored on defense by reigning defensive rookie of the year Darius Leonard bears have great group of offensive playmakers and head coach Matt Nagy is an offense first guy but led by Khalil Mack Kyler fuller and Hakeem Hicks. The Bears actually have the NFLs best defense in 2018 seeing luck in the colts machine trying to solve this punishing defense would be something else on the flip side could Mr. Biscay and the Bears offense break through the indestructible force of Leonard and the Indie defense fittingly enough. Super Bowl 54 is being played in Miami that’s for the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41. Here’s hoping for better weather and less sloppy football if the two clubs meet.

No.8 Green Bay Packers vs. Angeles Chargers

We always seem to be in for a treat whenever Phillip Rivers goes up against the Green Bay Packers the last three meetings have been decided by exactly 7 Points in all 3 games Phillip Rivers failed to secure the game winning or the game tying touchdown drive the two teams will meet up again in week 9.This time in Los Angeles but no matter what happens in that game.  We just want to see Aaron Rodgers and Mr. Rivers square off in the big game. I mean think about what would be at stake a 38 year Old Rivers will try pulling off a John Elway and win a Super before his legendary career winds down and Ageing Rodgers will want to pull a Peyton Manning and win a second ring to cement his legacy even further and both teams happen to have very scary defenses full of big time impact players weather.  It’s a defensive slugfest or another shootout between Rodgers and Rivers. We would be in for an absolute classic here can the two teams get over the hump. After all those miserable playoff losses a neutral fan should hope so. Because Rodgers vs. Rivers would be an epic Super Bowl 7

No.7 Minnesota Vikings vs. the Cleveland Browns We call this one the battle of the two saddest and most frustrated NFL fan bases and honestly. I would feel so bad for the loser and so great for the winner no matter what the team the Vikings for decades have had so many great teams that just have not been able to get over the hump. They lost four Super Bowls between 1969 and 1976. The 1998 NFC Championship game was by far their worst and most heartbreaking loss in franchise history. They lost the 2000, 2009 and 2017 NFC title game as well the pain just never goes away Minnie as for the Browns. They have been the league said his team as well as the biggest laughing stock since they last won the NFL championship back in 1964 while the Vikings still have one of the NFLs  best defenses plus two great wide.