No.6 New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

The falcons had a 28 to 3 lead on the patriots in super Bowl 51 we all know how that ended. Actually bet my friend halfway through the game that if the patrons come back. I will buy him drinks the rest of the night and then they did. So I lost a lot of money you are welcome tom to rub more salt in the wound the patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams in super bowl 53 which took place at Mercedes- benz stadium in Atlanta. Patriots just don’t care about hurting the falcons feelings anymore. This would be the real redemption moment for Atlanta 10 Matt Ryan and the falcons finally get over the hump and win the big one. It would be double whammy if they pulled it off against Tom Brady and the patriots that would put the painful memories of 28 to 3 right behind the for good so Falcons good look number. Super Bowl 54 Live Stream


super bowl 54 live stream


No. 5 Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

These two historic franchises meet every four years but you sense the intensity of rivalry anytime they faceoff. Roger Staubach Cowboys met Terry Bradshaw Steelers twice in the Super Bowl during the 70s decade each side winning once Dallas cemented. it’s dynasty of the 90s one. They hammered Pittsburgh 27 to 17 in super bowl 30 and that was the last time these two clubs met in the big game but it’s always been a classic when Ben Roethlisberger goes up against Dallas the two clubs have split the last four meetings no Dallas has taken the last two all of them were decided by seven points or less he is going down to the wire. Both teams perhaps the largest NFL fan bases in sports we love seeing the supporters of Americas Team. Seeing the supporters of Americas team duke it out with the Terrible Towels history aside doc Prescott Ezekiel Elliot and Amari cooper versus Pittsburgh ultra talented defense would be quite the battle on the flip side can the cowboys dominant front seven led by DeMarcus Lorenz break through Pittsburgh outstanding offensive line the actual game itself would be excellent throwing the rivalry and history between these two and that doubles the fun.

No. 4 New Orleans Saints first Los Angeles Chargers

New Orleans Saints first Los Angeles Chargers and the San Diego Chargers owned a Pro Bowl quarterback named Drew Brees. But they just did not view him as their franchise face they drafted Eli Manning first overall in 2004 then swapped him for Philip Rivers in a blockbuster deal with the New York Giants. After the 2005 season Brees left in free agency and signed with the New Orleans Saints. Ravers took over as the charger starter. We would say its worked out well for both teams. The two quarterbacks have put up Hall of Fame and MVP caliber numbers. But Brees is the one with a Super Bowl Championship on his resume. Rivers and Brees will forever be linked since they were both in San Diego together. If these Two teams met in the Super Bowl Rivers would finally erase the notion of being the guy who cannot win the big one. How sweet would it be if he did it over the guy who he backed up for two years but what if Brees stick it to the chargers again. And what if he finally won a second ring after the Saints endured heartbreaking playoff losses in 2017 and 2018.This would be the ultimate redemption story freeze verse rivers in the Super Bowl make it happen. We want to see to veterans and future hall of fame cubies go at it. I mean crazy me so nuts. I would be so down for that number.