No.3 Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles

How attic would this be? Andy Reed will be going up against the team he coached for 14 years one that kept falling short in its Super bowl quest. He is regarded by many as the greatest coach to never have won at all. So there is that Doug Peterson reads offensive coordinator in Kansas City from 2013 to 2015 did what his former boss could never do. When is Super bowl with the Eagles and better yet with the backup QB. The Mission was accomplished in the 2017 season backup quarterback. Nick Foles out dueled Tom Brady in an epic Super Bowl 52 contest and they beat Tom Brady Like that’s even crazier. It took Peterson two years to win the Super Bowl in Philly Reed could not do it after 14 tries read through 20 years of coaching is still searching for the first ring. Let’s not forget about Patrick WA Holmes Tyere Hill Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce first Carson Wentz all Shawn Jeffery DeSean Jackson and Zach Ertz that would be an insane Super Bowl filled of touchdowns and more touchdowns to elite offense is full of pro bowl talents this Super Bowl would be bonkers. Who would not want to see this. NFL Super Bowl 54 Live Streaming


Super Bowl 54 Live Streaming



No.2 New Orleans Saints vs New  England Patriots

We were pretty close to seeing this Super Bowl matchup in each of the last two years . If it were not for a mini Annapolis miracle may be bruising the Saints stop the nick foles party in the NFC title game and thus go up against Tom Brady’s  Patriots or you know if the NFL refs did not miss the most blatant penalty call in league history. And the Saints and Patriots would have met in Super Bowl 53. How epic could that have been baby it will finally happened here in 2019, Breeze enters his age 40 to 41 season trying to add a second ring a 42 years old Brady has nothing else to prove after winning his sixth ring. He is never satisfied and there’s  a strong chance that 2019 marks Brees final chances to win. Also Brees vs Brady like who would not want those two veterans going at it also would Marshwan Lattimore stop Super Bowl hero Julian Edelman would Stephon Gilmore get the best of Michael Thomas would Sean Payton win this chess match against Bill Belichick, who wins the shootout between Brees and Brady. We need this matchup like this year.

No.1 Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams

This was actually the matchup that I was praying for last year but I just never happened ignored the stink of the Los Angeles Rams offense put up in Super Bowl 53. This is the Super Bowl Matchup the NFL deserves it’s the one we need right now remember the Epic Monday Night Football clash in 2018 where Jared Goff outdueled packaging her homes by a final score at 54 to 51. Mahomes had 478 and sic touchdowns in that game it somehow was not enough to win. A cow good on god for tossing 413 yards and four touchdowns that was the best game of his career by far. He did it on national television under the brightest of spotlights. We need this game again because the more offense in the NFL the better the Chiefs defense is not very good. Even after all those offseason changes the Rams defense is actually good because of Aaron Donald, but the secondary is leaky at the best. Why Campbell homes and each put up 40 plus points in another game? The cheeks were won not offside penalty away from meeting the Rams again in Super Bowl 53. That game would have been way better that the one we got if there’s  one Super Bowl matchup that any neutral NFL fan wants. It’s the Rams vs the chiefs because anytime two teams combined to put up 105 points and 1001 yards on offense. We simply need a sequel one other Super Bowl 54 matchups. Do you want to see in 2020?