Who will spend $5.5 million for a 30-second spot at the Super Bowl this year?


It’s the most expensive air time on television. But even so, most major advertisers are willing to foot the bill to reach the millions of viewers huddled around the living room TV on Super Bowl Sunday.

Traditionally, the big game attracts close to 100 million viewers, the biggest TV audience for any U.S. sporting event.

And, with the price tag going up every year, it’s almost guaranteed that advertisers pull out all the stops to get you to watch — and remember — their multi-million-dollar commercials.

New this year,¬†Fox plans to air less commercials per quarter during Super Bowl 2020. But here’s the catch : the big game will still feature the same number of commercials, but slightly longer and organized differently. And longer commercials means more ad revenue.

Just up ahead, take a look at what advertisers have planned for commercial breaks during Super Bowl LIV and keep it here for updates as they are announced.